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MOM upping checks after Novena condo contractor halted building for safety issues

MOM upping checks after Novena condo contractor halted building for safety issues

SINGAPORE– After authorities found multiple safety violations at the Florence residences site plan on Monday, the contractor was given a stop-work order.

Several stairs, elevator shafts, and certain sides of the five-story structure at Florence residences showflat had no railings, providing a danger of falling. The construction materials surrounding also posed a fall danger.

The Florence residences price list also saw nails and starting bars protruding from formworks during a Ministry of Manpower safety check open to the media.

To avoid mishaps, occupational safety and health rules require the removal of projecting nails and the covering of starter bars, steel bars, or rebar used to support concrete.

Safety starts here” stated a sign outside the workplace. Accidents are avoidable.”

Mr Silas Sng, divisional head of MOM’s Occupational Safety and Health Division, oversaw the inspection and said the ministry would increase inspection and audit efforts in higher-risk sectors including construction and manufacturing by 50% over the next two months.

“Our workplace incident investigation found a lack of ownership and safety focus. We saw basic control procedures lacking at this workplace today,” he said.

Sometimes employees didn’t follow safety precautions. We urge companies and employees to prioritize workplace safety.”

After recent industrial fatalities, enforcement has increased.

An electrocuted rooftop solar panel installer died in June. Three days later, a Tanjong Pagar demolition wall fell, killing another worker.

Companies with major failures may be fined, stopped operations, and ordered to audit their management system within a month.

Chief executives and board members of higher-risk organizations may attend a half-day safety training online from Friday until March 2024 as part of a variety of safety measures.

A building demerit point system will be expanded to the industry in October. Companies that reach the demerit point for safety violations cannot hire foreign workers for three to two years.

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