Jadescape Condo has become the talk of the town since its first phase of planning. This condo which was developed by Qingjian Realty is so promising that it gained the interest of a lot of investors and homeowners. Situated at Marymount, The Shunfu Residences has a lot to offer. From its state of the art facilities to their amazing condo amenities. The best thing about this project is that it is located nearby Shopping Malls, Nature Parks, MRT Stations, and restaurants. On top of it all, it is situated near Marymount’s top Primary Schools.

What are the schools nearby Shunfu, Marymount?

Nowadays, having schools near a residential property is a must. This is because parents always consider the accessibility of their kid’s schools. It is essential that their kids are safe during home and school transfers. Hence, a residential area with schools nearby is definitely highly preferred.

The Shunfu Condominium is probably one of the best places that home buyers are looking for. The property was surrounded by top schools in Marymount, which makes it more appealing to the buyers.

The following schools are located in the vicinity of Jadescape Condo:

The Raffles Girls School

This exclusive girls’ school is proud to incorporate holistic education in their practices. The Raffles Girls School have a program which is specifically designed to maximize the full potential of their students. Their curriculum was well scrutinized so as to meet the demands of this competent generation.

The Bishan Catholic High School

The Bishan Catholic High School is one of the most well-known schools in Marymount, Singapore. This primary school is famous for its strong foundation in molding young gentlemen into fine and responsible young adults.

The Marymount Convent School

The Marymount Convent School boasts of their student’s good conduct and attitude. Their teachings are based on compassion, eloquence, and religion. The school aims to empower the lives of their students while restoring their rights and privileges. In addition to this, upholding one’s dignity is an important aspect in building the morals of their students.

The Ai Tong School

Another school near Shunfu Condo, Marymount, is the Ai Tong School. This primary school focuses on building future dynamic leaders while nurturing good characters in them.

The Raffles Institution

Another popular primary school near Shunfu, Marymount is The Raffles Institution. This school adheres to their motto of
“Aus picium Me lio ris Ae vi” which means “Hope for a better Age.” The school inculcates core values to their students. They value integrity, respect, fortitude, and courage.

It is such a fulfilment to have your kids go to a reputable school. Imagine the relief and the convenience that every parent feels
when their child goes to a well-respected school, just like the famous schools enumerated above.

Shunfu is lucky enough to be surrounded by such schools. Well, its developers did very well in planning the location of the site.
What can be more convenient than a luxurious residential area in the vicinity of the country’s top schools? What can be more comfortable than easy transfers from home to school, and vice versa?

So, for the property buyers out there, consider purchasing a unit in Shunfu, Marymount. It has the best location because aside from schools nearby, the property is also located close to hospitals, shopping malls, restaurants, and park. Check out their website now for more details.